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DSR 570 WSP Hire – ENG Hire, Camera Hire from SugarGlider Broadcast Services UK

The DSR-570 WSP is a very high performance 3-CCD professional camcorder made for the toughest ENG situations, industrial video productions and even digital filmmaking. SugarGlider Broadcast Services Camera Hire UK supplies the Sony 570 WSP, giving our clients access to this ENG hire opportunity.

The DSR 570’s circuitry has reached new levels of quality and custom picture looks that was once the domain of the absolute high-end (and high priced) video acquisition tools. ENG hire and camera hire specialists, SugarGlider Broadcast Services know this Sony camera delivers great product. Superior low-light sensitivity reaches near the level of FIT chip Digital Beta cameras. (The DSR-570 uses advanced IT chips.) Scene-files memorize multi-layer menu settings for repeatable effects. These scene-files can be transferred to other cameras to match the video-look. The camera is also fully capable of integration to studio shooting with available remote camera controllers with digital and analogue output choices.

If you’re looking to hire the DSR 570 WSP, we offer camera hire to professionals from professionals, from London to Birmingham and beyond.

Power HAD CCDs
The DSR-570 integrates 3- 2/3 inch 16:9/4:3 switchable CCDs to deliver 800 lines of resolution for ENG, EFP and industrial shooters who demand broadcast video quality. These CCDs deliver 63 dB of signal before noise, very sensitive low light numbers of f-11 @ 2000 Lux, and highly advanced vertical smear numbers of (-)120dB. Our camera hire arm offers ENG hire equipment and value.

10-Bit Digital Signal Processor
Broadcast cameras today take an analog signal and digitizes so as to keep the image quality consistent. The advanced 10 bit processor does the initial numbers crunching to a very high standard where it remains until you need it analog again, either on an analog monitor or output to a format like BETACAM SP or VHS for logging or viewing. The more bits the processor uses, the less rounding-off errors you produce. It makes possible custom look, film-look, low light, bright light, special effects images that were onetime unachievable at these prices. DSR 570 hire is thus a sound investment.

TruEye Processing
By managing video data with 3 parameters, modeling the human eye, images achieve wide dynamic range and very little distortion. The DSR-570 corrects gamma that can result in hue factor distortion, especially in bright conditions. TruEye processes brightness, hue and saturation data with much the same result as your own eyes.

DynaLatitude Contrast Processing
By managing the contrast of each pixel with those around it, the DSR-570 more efficiently utilizes the limited dynamic range of the video signal. DynaLatitude processing brings film-like contrast management to video shooters. Dynamic Contrast Control (DCC) lets the shooter achieve low light or bright light detail that other cameras cannot calculate.  DSR 570 hire constitutes superb ENG camera hire at an excellent rate – from London to Birmingham, Cleethorpes to Cardiff!

Selectable Zebra Exposure Patterns
The DSR-570 offers 2 Zebra exposure markers so you can get the shots exposed correctly no matter what type of lighting condition you face. You may chose zebra 1 to be set at 70-90 IRE, or zebra 2 at (>) 100 IRE. You can display both simultaneously if you like.

16:9 or 4:3 Switchable Aspect Ratio
Today's higher end broadcast cameras have the choice of 16:9 widescreen shooting for integrating with film or HDTV video or 4:3 conventional television format. When finding a camera hire solution, don’t get left behind – our DSR 570 WSP hire gets you the latest ENG technology for cut prices. The DSR-570 is a native 16:9 camera but with the advanced CCD block, the camera loses virtually nothing when switched into 4:3 mode, putting out 850 lines, actually more lines of resolution than in 16:9 mode.

Pre-Programmed Lighting Set-Up Files
Most industrial shoots occur using standard lighting packages or in natural daylight. The DSR-570 has 5 preset lighting values, standard, high saturation, fluorescent, film-look, and VHS-look to refer to quickly. 3 additional user files allows custom set parameters for special conditions and custom looks. Superbly versatile camera hire, available from London to Birmingham and beyond.

Advanced Menu Set-Up Parameters
Custom set-up parameters for special shooting conditions or custom looks are logged on a special place on the DVCAM cassette called VAUX (video auxiliary). DSR 570 WSP hire gets your great versatility at a snip. In situations of re-shooting or matching existing footage, checking the VAUX will give a great head start for re-creating previous shots. The 10 parameters that VAUX log include:
·  Master Black
·  Stretch
·  Detail Level
·  Master Gamma
·  Vertical Detail Level
·  Detail Frequency
·  Saturation
·  Hue
·  Skin Saturation
·  Skin Hue

Built-In Camera Filters
As with most ENG cameras, the DSR-570 has filters built into the camera to compensate for common shooting conditions. ENG hire is a great way to make sure you’re master of your surroundings. Tungsten lighting (light bulbs), Daylight, and Daylight with Neutral Density for intense sun, sky, or other very bright conditions are easily handled within the camera for highly adaptive shooting.

DVCAM Digital Component Recording
Sony's professional format DVCAM uses the ubiquitous 6 millimeter tape stock to record 8 bit component video with 5:1 compression and 4:2:0 sampling for super high quality, multi-generation capability and production flexibility.

Long Recording Length Cassettes
The DVCAM format and the DSR-570 allow for large cassettes that record for over 3 hours. Small cassettes with maximum time of 40 minutes will fit into the camera recorder without an adapter. Tapes recorded in the consumer DV format can be played back only. The camera will not record in the consumer DV format.

Firewire/i-Link Digital Connectivity
Commonly called Firewire or IEEE-1394, the i-Link industrial 6-pin connector allows the DSR-570 input or output DVCAM video (DV may be output only), to integrate into most non-linear environments, to interface with any Sony DVCAM VTR, or to be controlled by any controlling gear with similar connectivity. This feature is what makes the DSR-570 an effective component in the hectic world of news videography – this is a camera hire package ideal for that sector.

Monitor Out
The DSR-570 has a monitor composite output displaying the same video and data as viewed through the viewfinder. Everything from battery life to zebra to Time code will be displayed so that during a long shoot the operator can be looking at a larger screen monitor or a producer or director can see exactly what the shooter does.

26-Pin Component Interface
The DSR-570 is ready to integrate into a sophisticated multi-camera, multi-user, multi-location customizable video look system. The 26-pin connector on the back of the camcorder does many jobs. It can supply power to the camera, output analog component (like BETACAM SP) video, and connect to camera control units (CCU) to give special looks or match colors with other cameras. A popular choice for CCU would be the CCU-TX7 or the RCP-TX7 paintbox. There is now a full digital camera control system headed by the CCU-D50.

DXF-801 High Resolution Viewfinder
The advanced viewfinder system DXF-801 delivers 600 lines of resolution, loads of data the operator needs, and the ease of focus found only in black and white units. The viewfinder also is a mounting point for a shotgun microphone, which is included. This is ENG hire that won’t let you down..

Studio Configuration
The DXF-51 is the studio viewfinder for the DSR-570, and comes as standard with our DSR 570 WSP hire package. The CA-370 camera-adapter gives the camcorder intercom capability. Cable lengths up to 300 meters can supply return video through the viewfinder. If the camera is part of a studio system with a remote CCU like the CCU-M5A custom picture looks and matching multiple cameras is possible.



Signal System


Image Device

3-CCD, 2/3-inch, Interline Transfer type,
16:9 Native Aspect Ratio

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

63 dB

Horizontal Resolution

800 Lines (16:9)
850 Line (4:3)


F-11 @ 2000 Lux

Minimum Illumination

0.25 Lux @ f/1.4 with 42 dB Hyper Gain

Vertical Smear

-120 dB

Built-in Filters

3200 K, 5600 K, 5600 K + 1/8 N.D. (3 stops), 5600 K + 1/64 N.D. (6 stops)

LCD Monitor





DXF-801 1.5-Inch Black and White



Scan Matching

Yes, 60.4 Hz to 200.3 Hz

Memory Card Slot



1/100 to 1/2000 seconds

Gain Selection

(-)3 dB, 0 dB, 6 dB, 9 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB, 24 db, and Hyper-Gain

VTR Section


Tape Format

DVCAM Record and Playback
DV Only Playback

Tape Speed

28.193 mm / second

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Greater than 55 dB

Maximum Recording Time

184 Minutes

Audio Dynamic Range

80 dB or more

Audio Signal Format

16 bit / 48kHz (2 channel)
12 bit / 32kHz (4 channel)

Audio Frequency Response

20Hz to 20kHz (48kHz mode)
20Hz to 14.5kHz (32 kHz mode)

Signal to Noise Ratio

Not Specified by Manufacturer

Input and Output Connectors

Component Video- 26-Pin (x 1 output)
Firewire- 6-Pin (x 1 input and output both)
S-Video- 4-Pin (x 1 output)
Composite Video- BNC (x 2 output)
Time Code- BNC (x 1 input, 1 output)
Gen lock- BNC (x 1 input)
Sync- BNC (x 1 output)
Mic Audio- XLR (x 2 input)
Line Audio- RCA (x 2 output)
Headphone- Mini Stereo (x 1)
Remote Control- Mini Stereo (x 1)
DC Power-2-Pin PowerTap (x 1 output)
DC Power- 7-Pin (x 1 output for wireless audio receiver)
DC Power- 4-Pin XLR (x 1 input)

Power Requirements

12 Volts DC

Power Consumption

26.1 Watts Maximum

Operating Temperature

32 to 104 degrees F
0 to 40 degrees C

Dimensions (WxHxD)

4 7/8 x 7 5/8 x 11 1/8 inches
121 x 192 x 280 mm


14.1 lbs.
6.4 kg

Whether in London or Birmingham, Wales or Scotland, or anywhere in between, SugarGlider Broadcast Services Camera Hire offers several ENG hire options – DSR 570 WSP is just one of them. Call us today to place your order.

ENG Camera Hire from SugarGlider Broadcast Services – UK DSR 570 WSP hire



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